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The Boreal Forest houses 25 per cent of the world's remaining original forests

Bill 14: important steps forward in modernizing Quebec's Mining Act

Before becoming a law, a bill goes through different stages. The detailed study of the project committee is to review the rules for implementing the bill. At this point, the discussion focuses on project details. Please visit the Government of Quebec website if you want more information or would like to submit your comments and suggestions during the public consultation period.

The Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI) presented a memoir expressing its views during the parlementary commission committee on 25 August 2011. (see video).

Following the special consultations and public hearings, the text of the bill, amended or not, is subsequently submitted to the National Assembly for its adoption.

The Canadian Boreal Initiative presented its comments and recommendations

Bill 14 takes some important steps forward in modernizing Quebec’s Mining Act by incorporating principles of sustainable development, obligations to consult Aboriginal communities, respect for municipal land use plans and increased requirements for public consultations. Unfortunately, these provisions are not yet sufficiently well defined or developed to provide the necessary guidance to mining companies or the government, therefore the Bill falls significantly short of its stated goal to promote “the development of mineral resources in keeping with the principles of sustainable development.” The recommendations below are intended to provide clearer direction towards this goal, and to ensure that the key factors in reducing conflict and promoting responsible mineral development are properly accounted for in the new Act. (full document)

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